Introducing: Class Conquest -1 ban

While Conquest and Last Hero Standing both are fun and interesting formats, we have wanted to allow players the choice of bringing more than just 3 decks to HCT tournaments for a long time.

With Class Conquest, players will have the choice to bring as many decks as they want to a tournament and to freely switch between them in an ongoing match.

Being able to create multiple decks in advance creates a whole new level of strategy and the banning part will be more important than ever.

Also with this format players will not have to either submit decklists nor share screenshots of their match lobby.

Swecup Open 21 is the pilot HCT tournament for the new format and will be played on the 14th of August -2016.
As the format is a tryout in this one-off event approved by Blizzard eSports team we do want your feedback once it has concluded to evaluate if it´s suitable for more HCT tournaments.

Below you can read up on the exact details of Class Conquest, if you find it interesting feel free to sign up for Swecup Open 21.

Author: Jens Strandell


Class Conquest is a new format and works similar to regular Conquest

★Players bring 4 unique classes
★Players ban 1 of the opponents classes
★Players have to win 1 game with each of their 3 remaining classes
★The winning player must pick another class while the the losing player can keep playing the same class or choose another one.
★Banning and picking decks is done blindly. e.g no player goes first.
★Players are ALLOWED to bring as many pre-built decks as they like with their submitted classes
★Players are ALLOWED to switch deck during an ongoing match. Example: Player 1 lost their first game as zoolock, at their second attempt with warlock they may now play renolock if they want.

★All players classes will be revealed for everyone to see
★Players are NOT required to submit decklists
★Players are NOT required to send screenshots of their lobbys to one another